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We have extensive experience in assessing the liabilities and regulatory compliance associated with Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) used in building construction, utilities and manufacturing processes. Our Professionals include Licensed Investigators/Inspectors, Project Designers, Project Management Planners, Project Monitors, Air Sampling Technicians, and Project Managers.

Definitions of Terms:

  • A-TRU—Asbestos Technical Review Unit
  • WPSP—Work Place Safety Plan
  • ACP—Asbestos Activity Forms
  • ACP5—Asbestos Assessment Report
  • ACP7—Asbestos Project Notification
  • ACP8—Asbestos Project Amendment Form for ACP7
  • ACP9—Asbestos Variance Application
  • ACP15—Project Monitor’s Report
  • ACP20—Asbestos Project Conditional Completion

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