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Inspections/Survey/Audit Reports

CES is equipped with the technical knowledge and analytical services to conduct thorough, accurate and comprehensive Inspections, Surveys and Audit Reports for Asbestos, Lead, PCB, Mold and other hazardous materials throughout any facility.

This inspection is utilized to identify and quantify materials that may be required to be remediated immediately due to health hazards or prior to proposed renovation/demolition activities.  In addition, this inspection is applied as an informational tool for Building Occupants, Property Managers and Building Owners, informing them of the type, location, quantity and condition of the Hazardous Material.

CES’ Asbestos, Lead, PCB, Mold, or other hazards Inspection Includes:

  • Review of all available building records and blueprints for evidence of
    hazardous material.
  • Identification, Quantification, Sampling and Photographing suspect material.
  • Sampling Methodologies might include include: XRF Testing, Paint Chip/Bulk,
    Waste (TCLP), Dust Wipe and Air Sampling.
  • Documenting material type, location, quantity and condition.
  • Providing a Computer Aided Design (CAD) drawing of the facility identifying
    suspect material Sample Locations and Identified Locations.
  • Cost estimate/budget for the removal and disposal of material identified

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